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[Udemy Coupon Sites] High School Computer Science (Math) and Programming Workshop

High School Computer Science (Math) and Programming Workshop

Learn Computer Science and Programming with Snap!

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What Will I Find out?

Extensive Understanding of the Fundamental Ideas and also Concepts in Computer Science as well as Programming
An Overview as well as Solid Background in Major Areas of Computer Science
Discovering Programming in Snap! Configuring Tool from UC-Berkeley
Knowing Programming in Scratch Programming Tool from MIT
History Knowledge as well as Experience to Start Learning New Programming Languages
Boosted Ability in Critical Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Modeling, Design, Planning, and also Implementation


A Computer with Internet Browser as well as Internet Access
No Prior Learning on Computer Science or Programming Needed



Intro to Computer Science and also Programming Workshop
Made for High School and also Junior High Students
Trains as well as Encourages Critical Thinking, Logical Reasoning, as well as Technology Orientation in Young Adults
Workshop: The Majority of Each Class Spent on Exercises Done by the Student
Covers Fundamental Topics in Computer Science and also Programming, Major Areas of Computer Science, Including:
Scientific research as well as Engineering
Real-World Modeling
Physics Simulations
From Model to Implementation
Reverse Engineering as well as Tinkering
Mathematics as well as Computer Science Theory
Information Structures: Trees, Graphs
Formulas: Shortest Path
Expert system
Propositional Logic
Internet Protocols
Configuring Languages
Object-Oriented Programming
As well as More
Not a Course regarding a Programming Language, Rather concerning Fundamental Ideas in Computer Science and also Programming
Workouts Aid Learning, Using UC-Berkeley's Snap! Configuring Tool (Designed for Kids and also Young Adults).
15-Week Course (26 Lectures).
8+ Hours of Video Instruction, Plus Many More Hours Spent Doing the Exercises by yourself.
Going Along With Web Page for every Class.
Consists Of Lecture Slides, Links to Exercises online Page.
Discovering Fundamental Ideas in Computer Science as well as Programming Will Set Students as much as Go and also Learn Any Programming Language.
No Prior Knowledge or Experience in Computer Science or Programming Necessary.


This brand-new course is developed particularly for senior high school as well as middle school trainees who wish to obtain a running start learning more about what Computer Science as well as Programming have to do with. This course isn't regarding finding out a details programs device or language. Instead, it is developed to aid them enhance their vital reasoning as well as sensible thinking professors, in addition to provide the deepness of understanding in essential ideas in Computer Science and also shows, to ensure that they can later get going with any kind of shows language or modern technology task.

A strong summary and also essential ideas in several locations of Computer Science are covered by this course, consisting of Big Ideas in Science and also Engineering (Real-World Modeling, Physics Simulations, From Model to Implementation, Reverse Engineering and also Tinkering), Computer Science and also Math Theory (Lists, Sets, Data Structures such as Dictionaries, Trees, Graphs, Algorithms such as Shortest Path), Programming Languages (Functions, Object-Oriented Programming), Artificial Intelligence (Propositional Logic), as well as Networking (Internet Protocols), as well as extra.

I show this course to some Living Wisdom School secondary school pupils in Nevada City, CA, as an alternating Math course.

This is a 15-week workshop course. Each course (week)'s lecture takes around 90-120 minutes. usually. Each course consists of some lecture with slides, however most of the moment the trainees will certainly be working with shows or style workouts by themselves computer system. After each workout the pupils can return to the lecture video to inspect their job versus the educator's.

Most of the workouts consisted of in each course are performed in Snap!-- the shows device from UC-Berkeley. Pupils can share their job and also sight programs done by various other pupils all over the world.

Perquisites and also Requirements.

No Prior Knowledge or Experience in Programming Needed.
Workouts Only Require a Computer with Internet Access.

Introductory: Introduction to this workshop collection.
Week 1: Lists, Sets.
Week 2: A Snappy Snap! Guide.
Week 3: Concurrent as well as Event-Based Programming.
Week 4: Revising the List Example: Under the Hood.
Week 5: Modeling, Design, Implementation: Traffic Light, ATM.
Week 6: Implementing the Traffic Light Simulation.
Week 7: Functions.
Week 8: Binary Search Trees.
Week 9: Values, Types, Dictionaries.
Week 10: Graphs, An Algorithm.
Week 11: Implementing a Graph Algorithm.
Week 12: Propositional Logic, "Have I Lied?" Video game.
Week 13: State Machines.
Week 14: Internet Protocols.
Outro: Next Steps.

Who is the target market?

Senior High School and also Junior High Students Interested in Computer Science and also Programming.
Anybody Interested in Getting an Overview of Computer Science and also Programming Ideas Using a Fun Programming Tool.

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