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[Udemy Specials] How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle

How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle

Learn how to make money writing with this complete guide to writing, formatting, publishing and marketing Kindle ebooks

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What Will I Discover?

Discover How To Write Your Book and also Publish It On Kindle
Discover How To Format Your Ebook For Kindle and also Publish On Amazon
End Up Being an Amazon Bestseller Using the KDP Select Free Promotion Marketing System
Discover How To Create a Lucrative Long-Term Career as a Self-Published Kindle Ebook Author


Microsoft Word or Other Word Processor for Formatting


Discover How To Become a # 1 Amazon Bestselling Author By Publishing Your Book On Kindle
That else wishes to know ... How To Become a # 1 Amazon Bestselling Author By Publishing Your Book On Kindle?

Do you have a # 1 Best Seller in you?
Would certainly you love to obtain your publication out right into the globe and make easy income?
There are plenty of advantages to being a # 1 Best Selling Author - from receiving normal money flow to your savings account, to getting paid for speaking gigs and also consulting, the opportunities are limitless for bestselling authors ...

This training course is developed to assist you compose, release and also market your publications on Kindle and also come to be a successful writer on Amazon in as little as one month.

This Course Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know To Become a Bestselling Author:
The Four-Step System for How To Write Your Book In 28 Days and Overcome Writer's Block For Good!
Just how I Got Over 22,372 Free Downloads of My Ebook Using Amazon's KDP Select Free Promotion
The Marketing Strategies I Used To Earn Over $12,174 In Kindle Royalties In a Single Month
Just How To Save Thousands of Dollars on Cover Designs, Professional Editing, Formatting and also Publishing Your Kindle Books
... and a lot more!
Who Else Wants To Become a Bestselling Author?
Here's a photo of me beside Robert Kiyosaki on the Top # 100 Business & Investing Authors on Amazon Kindle. I had no concept when I first reviewed Rich Dad Poor Dad at age 19 that I would quickly be on the bestsellers listing next to my coach!

Do You Want To Be The Next # 1 Bestselling Author on Amazon?
Your Complete Kindle Publishing Course includes 8+ hours of easy-to-follow video guidelines, consisting of in-depth tutorials on the adhering to subjects:

This user friendly program, very efficient training ...

Completely Destroys writers block for life
Unleashes your complete potential as a writer
Removes all the complication about publishing on kindle as well as makes it simple, fast and FUN to apply
Turns you from an amateur author into a pro overnight
Gets your sales in 30 days or much less
Takes your publication from as little as 10 sales to 10,000 sales
Right here's What You'll Learn in Getting Started (Module 1).
Why Readers Are Buying 130+ Ebooks for each 100 Physical Books - as well as How You Can Profit From This Massive Ebook Growth Trend.
How To Do Market Research Before You Write Your Book So That You're Virtually Guaranteed To Make You a Profit From Your Ebooks!
The Rules To Abide By To Make Sure Amazon Will Always Sell Your Ebooks In Their Store Without Having Your Book Removed For Violating a Simple Rule You Didn't Know About.
Here's What You'll Learn in The Ultimate Writing Guide (Module 2).
The Four-Step System for How To Write Your Book In 28 Days.
3 Easy Solutions for Overcoming Writer's Block Once and For All.
Exactly how To Write a Book That Readers Want to Buy (so you get paid on a daily basis, also in your sleep).
Exactly how To Find a Professional Editor To Perfect Your Manuscript For Less Than $250.
Here's What You'll Learn in Cover Design Mastery (Module 3).
How To Get Your Book Cover Designed By a Professional for much less than $50 (so your cover looks remarkable and also gets much more sales).
Below's What You'll Learn in Formatting for Kindle (Module 4).
The 15-Minute System for Formatting Your Books for Kindle - free of charge - (as well as stay clear of paying somebody numerous dollars needlessly).
Right here's What You'll Learn in Publishing on Kindle (Module 5).
The Super Simple 10-Minute System For Publishing Your Ebooks on Amazon Kindle.
The Kindle Pricing Strategy That Will Help You Become a Bestselling Author Twice as Fast.
Below's What You'll Learn in Everything You Need To Know About Marketing Books (Module 6).
How To Get Reviews From Top 1000 Amazon Reviewers So That You Get Detailed, Helpful Book Reviews From the Influencers In Your Genre or Niche.
Discover Kindle Marketing Best Practices From Several # 1 Bestselling Authors Who Know How To Sell Thousands of Books Every Single Month.
Exactly how To Price Your Kindle Ebook to Maximize Your Royalties and Income (This System for Price Testing Ebooks Has Helped Me More Than Double My Kindle Royalties).
Exactly How To Make Money From Your Book Beyond Just Book Sales - Including Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, Lead Generation, Paid Speaking Gigs, and also Much More!
Just how I Got Over 22,372 Free Downloads of My Ebook Using Amazon's KDP Select Free Promotion.
Just how To Turn Your KDP Select Free Promotion Into Hundreds or Thousands of Sales In One Week Following Your Book Launch.
Just how To Become a Bestselling Author on The Amazon Kindle Bestsellers Lists So That You'll Always Be Known as a Bestselling Author.
Just how To Choose The Right Book Categories To Maximize Sales and also Attract Thousands of Avid Readers Every Month To Your Book Page.
How To Choose The Right Keywords for Your Ebook to Maximize Sales (So That Readers Find Your Book Instead of the Competition).
Exactly how To Choose a Bestselling Title That Will Increase Your Sales Dramatically.
A Proven System for Building a Full-Time Income as a Kindle Ebook Author (That's Worked for Me and also Dozens of My Publishing Clients as well as Students).
How To Market Your Book For The Long Term To Maximize Your Lifetime Income (So That You Can Retire Early On Your Ebook Royalties and Be Completely Financially Secure).
Here's What You'll Learn in Financial Management for Authors (Module 7).
Exactly how To Reduce Your Expenses By 80%%%% or More as a Self-Published Author So That You Can Keep More of Your Cash.
Exactly how To Protect Yourself From Financial Disasters That Can Strike Authors Who Don't Understand These Fundamentals of Financial Protection for Authors.
Here's What You'll Learn in Bonus Videos as well as Interviews (Module 8).
The Strategies, Ideas and Habits These # 1 Bestselling Authors Who Have Collectively Sold Millions of Books Use to Earn a Full-Time Income as Authors.
Here's What You'll Learn in Affiliate Marketing Mastery (Module 9).
How To Earn an Extra couple of Hundred or Even a Thousand Dollars a Month With Affiliate Marketing.
Are You Ready To Become a Bestselling Author Right Now?
Enroll in The Complete Kindle Publishing Course Today To Get Started!

Most students locate it takes around 30 days to finish the course and end up being a bestseller on Amazon. It might take a little longer if you're an all new author as well as still working on finishing your very first book than it would if you've currently published books on Kindle as well as are just searching for aid in the advertising and marketing and also sales division.

Obtain Hands On Training From a # 1 Bestselling Author Who Walks The Talk and also Earns a Full-Time Income from Ebook Royalties Alone.
" I will directly be readily available to respond to all your inquiries that come up while you proceed through the course and on your trip to becoming a bestselling author!" - Tom Corson-Knowles.

It's Time To Make a Choice About Your Career as an Author ...
Of the two roads before you, the one left wing is the roadway you've been traveling currently ... it's harsh, uphill, rough, as well as full of pain, battle and also denial as a writer.

On the right, there is the roadway much less traveled. It's been smoothed by the competent hands of various successful authors that have actually come before you, as well as it's confirmed to be the simplest method to becoming a bestselling writer!

Select the right roadway.

Allow's stroll that roadway together.

To your success,.

Tom Corson-Knowles.

P.S. Just scroll up and click "Take This Course" currently to begin on your journey to ending up being a bestselling author.

Who is the target audience?

Aspiring Authors.
New and also Amateur Authors.
Writers Looking for Extra Income.
Writers with Unpublished Manuscripts.
Writers with Published Books Who Want to Sell More Books on Amazon.

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